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   * tuhoojabotti or googlebotti : Multiple wikies for newbies and other tutorials + patches :)
   *Bat de Base-ball
   *Elbeem : Norwegian translation
   *Flo : German translation (Deutsche Übersetzung)
   *Jacky J
   *Jeferson : Portuguese translation (Versão em Português)
   *Kudster : Spanish translation
   *MpJin : Wiki theme
   *Nadenislamarre : Many pages
   *Shepard62700FR : French translation and keep French part of the wiki updated
   *The only dude : Inkscape page
   *Trullo : Catalan and Spanish translation
   *Computerhelp other french translator 
   **Awesome~Style* help with the GFX Guide
   *KACPU98 help with other tutorials
   *For(I)ark_Seph other tutorials for Inksmoto