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Since X-Moto 0.5.2, you can control the game server from the X-Moto game.

Connexion to the console

Start your server

To play on the network, you need to start a server (one server for several players).

Go in options => www => server and click on "Start the server". If you don't know what is a port, choose the default one (4130).

Server start.png

Connect to the server

Once a server is started, any player on the network can connect to it (you've to know a name or an ip of the server).

Go in levels => network, put the name of the server and click on "Connect".

"localhost" means your own computer.

Server connect.png

Open the console

Once connected, you can open the console using <ctrl><alt>s keyboard sequence.

Server console.png

A banner is displayed and you get a prompt so that you can type commands.

First admin creation

Thanks to the console, you'll be able to add server administrators. At the beginning, there is no default administrator defined. Only people connected from the localhost (ip can login without password by typing the command "login".

Note: once an admnistrator is created, only real administrators can connect. People from localhost can't anymore be connected without an account (protect your ~/.xmoto directory so that any system user can create account directly by modifiying database files).