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Here is an idea which I (kick52) , and some other people in IRC have thought up. Basicly, its a teamplay event. Battle of the rooms. In a 24 hour period, the rooms have to try and get the best time of the levels set. All rooms would have the same levels. The room that has the most points wins. If there were 4 levels set (I am still unsure of how many levels there should be.), the room that has the highscore gets 4 points, the person with the next best highscore gets 3 points, and so on.

Rule ideas

1. The room should not give out any information of their times, etc.

2. The event would be goverened by "The referee". This person would look after the competition server (We'll talk about that later), validate highscores, and look out for cheating, etc. The referee should not be vunerable to bribes (haha), and should not already be in a room.

3. Each room signed up should talk ad communicate *only* through IRC. Each room would have their own channel, eg. #xmoto.roomname. ONLY people that are in the room should be allowed, by INVITE ONLY. "The referee" shall be operator in these, channels, and make sure no one else from another room is allowed.

4. Rooms shouldn't cheat. Any rooms that give out information about their status, or cheat in any way that could give them an unequal chance at the competition should be disqualfied.

5. The competition server should only be accessible by "The referee".

6. Backups of the servers highscores should be backuped every 15-30 mins, incase of corruption.

Technical changes

Because with the current versions of xmoto, there would be vunerabilities that people could cheat, editing their replays before uploading, or uploading a replay/highscore which was made outside of the competition.

So, we would have to make a new version of X-Moto. The only change would be is that the highscore code would be slightly modded. X-Moto would have to directly upload the highscore to the *competition highscore keeping server*, without writing any temporary files that could be tampered.

The highscores would have to be categorized into the different rooms on the server, with time, user, etc. values.


Advertising: Maybe over a 1-2 week period, people could be emailed, big signs put up on the X-Moto website, forum threads, IRC topics, stalking (haha), and room admins could be bullied (hehe).

Technical changes: Since only some small code would be changed, we should be able to keep the current makefiles, etc. and distribute a binary version of the modded X-Moto. This version should only be distribted to rooms signed up to the competition.

I hope we can get this idea of the ground. kick52. If you would like to contribute to this, please visit on the irc channel.

If you have anything you would like to comment on, please write below this space:

I'm not really sure about the rule #1: The room should not give out any information of their times, etc. It might be exciting to know about the other times so you'll have an idea about how fast you need to go (unless if they lie, which is also fun;))

Also checking that no one gives this information is impossible, and if we do catch someone passing information, we don't want to disqualify someone for that?

We could also use only new levels for the competition, so no one knows the levels before the competition starts.



I think i agree... we might have to let people do that. The level idea is good, means we can advertise the contest while making the levels.