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The X-Moto network should be a safe and pleasant experience available to everyone. For this reason a few simple rules have been put in place, that when followed allow a better playing experience of the game for everyone.

Rules & Advise

  • Keep language as english only. This is because english is universally accepted as a common language, and has the most speakers in the world. If you can't speak english see the list at the bottom.
  • Do not fake other players. It will be a 1-3 day ban
  • Do not use inappropriate profile names on the network. It will offend people.
  • Do not insult other players or admins. It will be a 1-3 day ban.
  • Do not use inappropriate language, it offends people.
  • Do not cheat, or use bike mods, etc in the server. That will be a 1-3 day ban.
  • Do not use caps on the network. 1-3 day ban
  • Do not hack, or use any illegal stuff in the server. It will be permanent ban.
  • Be careful when sharing personal details online. Would you tell a complete stranger in the street your age, phone number, house number etc., so why would you do it online?
  • No racist/homophobic jokes please.
  • Act maturely. If you don't know what this means, then imagine you had a 6 year old neice, who was online at the same time. How would you talk?
  • This is how the kick/ban rules here: 3 warnings, 3 kicks, and then a ban.
  • Have fun! Network shouldn't just be all rules!

To enforce rules like this there are a number of admins in place, who may ban or kick on occassions when tension rises to high, or rules are breached.

Language ports

  • French -- 4131
  • English -- 9000

Know any others? Add them here!