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Documentation for the developpement version of Inksmoto Level Editor


This version of Inksmoto Level Editor is not stable and not fully tested, but you can test it anyway.

Required softwares

The next version of Inksmoto will require Inkscape 0.46 or 0.47 This version of Inkscape no longer uses python-xml, but lxml instead. PyGtk is now needed instead of Tk. And python too (don't know the minimum required version required, but Inkscape 0.46 is packaged with python 2.5).

  • inkscape
  • python
  • python-lxml
  • python-gtk2
  • libglade2-0

Installation on Linux

Installation of the prerequisites

For example on a debian/ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install inkscape python python-lxml python-gtk2 libglade2-0

Using the svn


sudo apt-get install subversion
mkdir ~/.inkscape
cd ~/.inkscape
svn co svn://

for newer versions of inkscape using xdg basedirs (e.g. Inkscape 0.47):

sudo apt-get install subversion
mkdir ~/.config/inkscape
cd ~/.config/inkscape
svn co svn://

Installation on Windows


There is another way to get it too, this one illustartes the way to get it with Tortoise SVN so that you can easily update to the newest version.

Things needed

You need:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Tortoise SVN (or another svn program, I like tortoise best)
  • patience... (not really)
  • Latest official Inksmoto and Inkscape installed

Step 1. Get Tortoise SVN

Download the installer here: Tortoise SVN Install it.

Step 2. Checkout

Make sure that you remove the old inksmoto files from the extensions folder before proceeding. Go to your Inkscape installation directory and there to the share folder, for example:

  • "C:\Program Files\Inkscape\share\"

Then Right-Click the extensions folder to see the context menu of windows, you should see the tortoise svn and a button which says: "SVN Check out...".

Click Ok. Wait... It will download all the files needed and then you are done. Just open inkscape and voila.

Step 3. Testing

Open Inkscape and begin testing and developing. voila!

Installation on Mac OS X

There is a way to get the svn of Inksmoto for Mac OS X.

Required software

  • Apple's Mac OS X
  • MacPorts
  • Inkscape
  • Subversion(MacPort's Port)

Downloading and installing MacPorts

Download the right version of MacPorts for your Mac OS X version.

Installing Subversion

After installing MacPorts, open up, and type in:

sudo port install subversion

After its done, to make sure subversion is working, type in:


Your terminal window should look like this, if it works properly:

DarkSeph22:~ WeatherGameMan97$ svn
Type 'svn help' for usage.

Getting the svn of Inksmoto

Type in the URL repository, then the full path of where you want the files to go, like this:

svn co svn:// /Users/your username/Applications/

Once its all done, open up Inkscape and begin testing.

Inksmoto-dev Bug Tracker

You can see the progress of the developement in the bug tracker: Inksmoto-dev Bug Tracker