How to validate a sprite

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How to validate

  • Download the image file
  • Put it to .xmoto/textures/ where it belongs to
  • Edit you theme file xml
  • Fix the theme file xml (most probably screwed ;-))
  • Re-Upload sprite with your theme xml
  • Remove old upload
  • Click Validate


There is a glitch in the website code which causes

  • Validating of animated and normal sprites break, the link generated for the website doens't work, so it must be fixed by hand (to be continuted)

Updating a sprite

  1. update the image on the xmoto server
  2. update the image md5sum in the website database
  3. update the image in the svn if it's already in it
  4. regenerate the themes
  5. update themes in the svn
  6. update the package.lst so that xmoto.bin got regenerated
  7. update the 92x92 bitmap used by inksmoto in ftp://<user> and in svn in extensions/inksmoto/xmoto_bitmap