How to install Inksmoto into Inkscape

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Using Inksmoto 0.7.0


Inksmoto 0.7.0 is an extensions tool for Inkscape using to create X-Moto levels. For Windows. it uses Inkscape 0.92. Mac uses Inkscape 0.91. Inksmoto 0.7.0 will not be using Tcl/Tk, it uses PyGTK for the windows toolkit.

Required software

     *Inkscape(0.92 for Windows)(0.91 for Mac)

Installation of Windows

To install Inkscape 0.92, download it from here:

After installation, download Inksmoto 0.7.0 here:

Unzip it, open the extensions folder, and drag everything from the folder into Inkscape extensions folder. Path is: C:/Program Files/inkscape/extensions

Afterwards, download and install PyGTK 2.24.0 for Inkscape 0.92 installer here:

The installer will automatically detect your Inkscape installation, so no need to worry about browsing for it.

Thats it! Most of it should work. NOTE: Do not use circles for player starts, end of level, wreckers, etc. Thats an error that some odd reason Inkscape 0.92 can't handle circles. Use rectangles for player starts, sprites, etc. You can use circles for block textures though! This error will hopefully be fixed in the future.

Installation of Ubuntu/Linux

To install Inksmoto for Ubuntu/Linux, open terminal and type in:

sudo apt-get install inkscape python python-lxml python-gtk2 libglade2-0

Next, download and install Inksmoto 0.7.0 from here:

Extract it, and copy all of the files from the extracted extensions directory, into the Inkscape extensions folder.


Launch Inkscape to test Inksmoto 0.7.0, to make sure it properly installed and working.

Installation on Mac OS X

To download Inksmoto 0.7.0 for Mac, download the dmg here, with the README file:

Test the installation to see if its ok

There is a couple of ways to test to see if Inksmoto 0.7.0 is properly installed correctly.

  • 1st way, go to the "Extensions/Effects" menu to see if the is an Xmoto extensions menu.
  • 2nd way, save the .svg as a X-Moto level(.lvl).

If you still have any problems, come by the IRC or the X-Moto chat to see why it failed.

Making levels using Inksmoto 0.7.0

You can find the tutorial for 0.7.0 here:

Bugs when using Inksmoto 0.6.0, and 0.7.0

Go to this page, if you encounter bugs when using Inksmoto 0.6.0, and 0.7.0, and how to fix them: