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config.dat is the file which holds all configuration options for Xmoto. On Windows you'll find the file in the game installation directory and on Unix-like systems you'll find it in the ~/.xmoto directory.

It's a simple XML file with a <var> element for each configuration option:

<var name="..." value="..."/>

Many of the options are accessible from inside the game, but some of the more obscure ones need to be editited directly in the config.dat file. Below is a table of all current configuration variables.

Name               Default value        Description
Theme              Classic              Name of the currently selected theme.
DisplayWidth       800                  Selected display x-resolution.
DisplayWidth       600                  Selected display y-resolution.
DisplayBPP         32                   Selected display bits per pixel.
DisplayWindowed    false                Sets whether the game should be 
                                        started in a window.
MenuBackgroundGraphics High             Can be "Low" or "High", only 
                                        difference being the presence of the
                                        background image.
GameGraphics       High                 Can be "Low", "Medium", or "High".
                                        Specifies how much stuff to draw.
AudioEnable        true                 Audio master switch. 
AudioSampleRate    22050                Can be "11025", "22050", or "44100".
                                        Selected sample rate in Hz.
AudioSampleBits    16                   Can be "8" or "16. Bits per sample.
AudioChannels      Mono                 "Mono" or "Stereo". No reason to use
                                        stereo, all (current) sounds are mono
EngineSoundEnable  true                 Set to "false" to disable annoying 
                                        engine sound.
ControllerMode1    Keyboard             "Keyboard" or "Joystick1". Note that
                                        joystick support is experimental.
KeyDrive1          Up                   Input event which will cause the bike 
                                        to accelerate.
KeyBrake1          Down                 Braking key.
KeyFlipLeft1       Left                 Rotate left key.
KeyFlipRight       Right                Rotate right key.
KeyChangeDir1      Space                Key that causes a change in direction.
AutosaveHighscoreReplays true           Selects whether all (local) highscores
                                        should be saved as replays 
LimitFramerate     false                Enable this to use a slightly more 
                                        aggressive frame rate limitier if you
                                        think Xmoto is using too much CPU.
JoyIdx1            0                    Index of joystick to use. First joystick
                                        is "0", second is "1", and so forth.
JoyAxisPrim1       1                    Index of the joystick axis which should
                                        be used to accelerate/brake. "0" is 
                                        left/right and "1" is up/down.
JoyAxisPrimMax1    32760                Axis value which means most acceleration.
JoyAxisPrimMin1    -32760               Axis value which means most braking.
JoyAxisPrimUL1     1024                 Axis value for when acceleration should
JoyAxisPrimLL1     -1024                And for when braking should begin. That
                                        is, per default nothing happens between
                                        -1024 and 1024.
JoyAxisSec1        0                    Like for JoyAxisPrim1, but for rotation
JoyAxisSecMax1     32760                See above.
JoyAxisSecMin1     -32760               -
JoyAxisSecUL1      1024                 -
JoyAxisSecLL1      -1024                -
JoyButtonChangeDir1 0                   Joystick button to use for changing 
JoystickLimboArea  0.07                 Not used.
DefaultProfile     (blank)              Player profile to use at startup.
ScreenshotFormat   png                  "png" or "jpg". 
NotifyAtInit       true                 Whether the game should show some
                                        information about Xmoto when it starts.
                                        Automatically set to false afterward.
ShowMiniMap        true                 Whether the small map should be visible.
StoreReplays       true                 If false, no replays will be recorded
ReplayFrameRate    25                   Number of frames per second the replays
                                        should be recorded with. 
CompressReplays    true                 Selects whether replay files should be 
                                        compressed to save space.
LevelCache         true                 Set to false to disable the level cache.
ContextHelp        true                 "false" disables the text messages 
                                        displayed in the bottom of the screen.
MenuMusic          true                 Whether music should be enabled.
WebHighscores      false                Whether WWW connectivity should be
CheckHighscoresAtStartup true           Selects whether Xmoto should check
                                        for highscores when it starts.
CheckNewLevelsAtStartup true            The same for new levels.
ShowInGameWorldRecord false             Toggles information about the world 
                                        record for the current level.
WebConfAtInit      true                 If true, the game will start with
                                        a WWW configuration dialog. Set to
                                        false afterward.
WebHighscoresURL   (an URL)             URL to where highscores are stored.
WebLevelsURL       (an URL)             URL to a file that specifies all levels
                                        available online.
WebThemesURL       (an URL)             URL to a list of available themes.
WebThemesURLBase   (an URL)             URL where theme files (like sprites) can be downloaded
ProxyType          (blank)              (blank), "HTTP", "SOCKS4", or "SOCKS5",
                                        specifies the proxy type to connect to.
ProxyServer        (blank)              Proxy server to use. If it requires 
                                        authentificatio, supply it like this:
ProxyPort          -1                   Proxy server is using this port.
EnableGhost        true                 Whether the game should try to supply 
                                        a ghost to play against.
GhostSearchStrategy 0                   What kind of ghost to use. "0" means
                                        your own, "1" means best local, "2"
                                        means best online.
ShowGhostTimeDiff  true                 Shows time difference with ghost
                                        while playing.
DisplayGhostInfo   false                Shows information about the ghost when
                                        starting a level.
GhostMotionBlur    true                 Apply motion blur to ghost, if 
                                        supported by your hardware.

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