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Hello Community,

Here you'll read something about GFX.

General Knowledge:

Hey, before you doing anything go to "Extentions->X-Moto->Others->Install Keyboard Shortcuts". Thanks

Gfx is a bit easier as gameplay you can do it so you want :). You can add Drivted Layers,Sprites diferent Gfx Styles and more. First you have to add a layer below the gameplay layer. Then press "A" and set the gameplay layer to "Main_Layer". Now you can start with your gfx :).


The classical-Gfx is pretty easy to do it didnt need a long time. If you want to do classic Gfx you have to use Dirt as mainblock and Darkdirt in the background. "Grass" and "Darken" or "Dirt_fx" as edges looks great. Put some Sprites like trees,sunflowers,cows,vines and Way-signs if they have the right position they looks great but dont use to much that looks kinda ugly. This is a possible version of a classical Gfx :



Modern Gfx is a bit harder its mostly done with sticks. I made mostly a white background with red or blue sticks. After that i duplicate the Sticks and make the second texture "Black". This looks a bit weird but sometimes cool. If you dont want to do it so you can do something with Black curves over the sticks and with the texture "Black" and opacity _80_. That looks booth cool if you like Modern_Style. Personalaty i didnt like that. This is a possible version of a Modern Gfx :


Transparent Water:

Transparent Water is a pretty easy but important feature in X-Moto. You can do it with 2 Ways, first way is easy you just have to add a layer above the main layer and set the water there. After you did that make the opacity a bit down. Then you have the first transparent water. Second way need a bit more time you have to add a layer under the main layer and 2 layers above the main Layer. On the layer under the main layer you have to put any water, then duplicate it and put the second one to the first above layer and change the texture to something transparent like "Blue_Shadow". After that copy the main block and put it on the second above layer. This is a possible version of Transparent Water :


Here is the link to a good tutorial :)



To put a text on a lvl its pretty easy. First use the text tool and write your text. After that go to "Path->Object to Path". Now you should make a long but little line and choose both. Go to "Path-> Diferenz" and now set the block textures :). This is a possible version of a Text :



Sprites are mostly useful but if you place to many sprites it looks kinda ugly. So dont put ever the same sprites,make something diferent with it but the sprites have to look cool. Mostly i use "Tree1" as a bush that looks great also the treecrown. If you add Vines add both not 1 that looks kinda boring. This is a possible version of Sprites :


Drivted Layers:

First you have to add a layer below all background layers. If you did that press "A", after that you come in the Layer propereties. This is my most used propereties :

X = 0.00 Y = 0.00

You have to put the drivted blocks on the layer and in the left_up Corner.(with the right Size) Mountains with Water looks cool also made a block with the texture "Black_Shadows", thats the water. Above the Water make a mountain with the Texture black that looks pretty cool. This is a possible version of a Drivted Layer :


Some Tips:

  • tumo : The need of gfx always depends on the gameplay part of the lvl. If the lvl itself is really blank and has been done many times already, the gfx should offer something interesting/new. And if the lvl itself is really new and original then simple good looking gfx can be just enough.
  • The choosen One : Don't do it yourself. There's always someone who can do the graphics for you for free.
  • Awesome~Style : Found your own Style to make gfx and change it so you like :).

Random things about Gfx:

Try to find your own Style of course you can copy gfx but make your own things :). If you make an awesome gfx all will like your levels. But dont forgot you need a cool gameplay with something new. You should decide for every lvl new and make the gfx so you want.

Thanks for reading my Guide,

Hope your lvl gets val :)