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Hello Community,

Here you'll read something about GFX.

• Clasical

• Modern

• Transparent Water

• Sprites

• Drivted Layers

• Some tipps

• Random things about Gfx

Classical :

Hey, The classical-Gfx is pretty easy to do it didnt need a long time. If you want to do classic Gfx you have to use Dirt as mainblock and Darkdirt in the background. "Grass" and "Darken" or "Dirt_fx" as edges looks great. Put some Sprites like trees,sunflowers,cows,vines and Way-signs if they have the right position they looks great but dont use to much that looks kinda ugly. This is a possible version of a classical Gfx :


Modern :

Modern Gfx is a bit harder its mostly done with sticks. I made mostly a white background with red or blue sticks. After that i duplicate the Sticks and make the second texture "Black". This looks a bit weird but sometimes cool. If you dont want to do it so you can do something with Black curves over the sticks and with the texture "Black" and opacity _80_. That looks booth cool if you like Modern_Style. Personalaty i didnt like that. This is a possible version of a Modern Gfx :