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Web server

Mysql Database


No special actions to do.

Http Server

The web server is available with a tuxfamily account granted to xmoto. You can manage it from the tuxfamily.org website. It is decomposed in 2 parts :

  • the executables files (.php), and some residual files
  • the repository : static files (such as replays), are sent over a light http web server (for performances/cpu issues).


Occasionnaly, space must be done on the repository server. You can check the free space via the tuxfamily panel in the xmoto project (the value is not in real time, it is updated every X minutes).

To make space : Remove unsed rooms (unused for 1 year)

Remove old highscores (kept by the website in case of mistake) :

  • go in Administration/Advanced/Technics/Purges and Administration/Advanced/Technics/Files and click on all links
  • Connect to ssh.tuxfamily.org and run the following commands to remove delete rooms physically :
mkdir -p tmp
ls -1 xmoto/xmoto-repository/www/replays | sort -n > tmp/roomList_dir.txt
echo "select id from rooms order by id;" | mysql -h sql -u xmoto_website -p"password" xmoto_website > tmp/roomList_db.txt
diff tmp/roomList_db.txt tmp/roomList_dir.txt | grep -E "^>" | sed -e s+"^> "+""+ > tmp/result.txt
cat ~/tmp/result.txt | while read A; do rm -rf  ~/xmoto/xmoto-repository/www/replays/"$A"; done

Repository Server

Game Server

The game server (available from games.tuxfamily.org) is thym.tuxfamily.org. The xmoto game is installed and run with the -server option. It is restarted automatically every 3 days to include new levels, and in case of crash.


Sometimes, the host is upgraded. It is required to recompile xmoto and reinstall it.