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If you've got some good (or even bad) ideas about how the game could get better, please feel free to add them to the list below. Use the talk page for discussing items already on the list.


  • Water - slows your bike down ;)
  • Jumppads
  • display max jump length
  • The after-death menu needs to go. Everyone who has played the game agrees with me. How about this: when you die, present a message that says "Hit escape to show the menu. Hit enter to replay the level." It's frustrating when you die and you're still holding the arrow keys which moves the menu cursor.
  • Customizable driver-to-bike ratio (game is easier with a driver that is short relative to the bike). To keep hiscores comparable, make the ratio depend on the level.
  • Customizable natural constants (gravity, air resistance, acceleration etc). Make them depend on the level.
    • You can change the gravity using lua script with the 0.2.0 version of xmoto
  • Possibility for the level designer to prohibit the use of 'rotate bike' buttons (left and right arrows) on the level. The author of across has stated that the rotate buttons were originally a kludge to make the game easier.
  • System requirements down! The game is rather simple, and the requirement of a 500Mhz proc. is simply ridiculous.
    • in xmoto 0.2.1 you'll get a uglier ugly mode which runs on slow computer (it actually runs smoothly in a vmware with the uglier ugly mode). This demonstrates that it's not a good computer that xmoto requires, but a good graphical card for rendering.
  • Practice mode where the game can be saved in the middle of a level.
  • Display during replays which controls were used.
  • Unicycle mode for experts.
  • Declaring rules for a level pack, so i can build up a structure like "complete lvl01 first before being able to play lvl02"
  • Ability to sort levels after name, personal record, world record, difference between personal and world record, date added, if it is scripted or not, how many times it is played etc. That would be handy. And maybe a system to allow users to rate levels, so you can see how good the level are before you play them. And sort by rate of course. Maybe a filter system, and a search system too. That would be practical in the future when it is maybe thousands of levels. :)
    • Improvement of the list scrolling. There is no draggable scroll bar so it is very difficult to navigate through the list. The list of levels is rather long now and it is a pain in the *** to get to the levels at the bottom of the list (trick I use: turnaround your mouse so that the mouse wheel lays on the table and then let the mouse "roll" on it forward... :-) ).
  • Bike tuning - The suspension screams to be adjusted!
  • For that matter suspension requires rebound & bump dampers
  • Gears & Gear ratios
  • Faster loading of the game. When you have a lot of (external) levels in the game the loading procedure is rather slow. Why not backgrounding this task (seperate thread)? The list of external levels could grow in real time as xmoto loads them in background.
  • Crazy idea, bu what about controling your bike rotation by moving the mouse?


  • Functions for modifying bike properties (wheel base, power, etc.)
  • A SetDynamicBlockRotation function that rotates the vertices about a center point instead of making the block go in circles.

Level Editing

  • Ability to set the center position of a block (for the purpose of rotation in Lua scripting)
  • Sprites also shown in Editor (Inkscape)
    • There'll be scaling issues...
  • Different Z - layers. (Stacking Objects in Depth)
    • already there, you can put a 'z' param to your sprites
      • but note that currently there's only 3 layers: below zero, zero, and above zero. A finer diversion is planned though.
  • Inkscape addon that compiles the level and launches it with xmoto (?)
    • planned
  • bounding box of player shown in the editor, (for dimensions purposes)
    • scaling issues....
  • A grid showing the mostly used dimensions of xmoto, [as you convert it at a scale of 100 (percent?) with the svg2lvl tool]
    • will see. (the 100 in the example is the new width of the level, not a percentage)


  • Moving obstacles (a la drawbridges), maybe the ones that repeat a sequence would be best for the game.
  • Add a command line option like the one to test themes.
  • Ice (less friction)
  • Display speed (look in your options!)