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Changing an image to an image that you can see in X-Moto

First paste the picture you want to use.


Select the picture -> Click on Path -> In the Path menu, click on Trace Bitmap (The hotkey for this is Shift+Alt+B) In the Mode tab select Edge Detection In the “Treshold” box besides the Edge Detection, change the Treshold from 0 to 1 and update, keep doing this until you get the desired line thickness. In the example I took a Treshold amount of 1. Press Ok.


Now you have a selection of lines, move the lines away from the image as showed above. Now you could change the block texture of this to a color and you have a simple X colored block. To color stuff, close all parts if they aren’t already. When you’re done with that, get the “Fill bounded areas” tool. Fill all the parts of the image. Now, change all parts to the textures you want them filled with.


As you can see I’ve made the vest blue using the texture “Blue1InRainbows” (I’m not coloring the whole picture in the tutorial) As it is now it won’t work, because closed spaces will be filled up with the color which is around it, so you need to cut a small opening in closed space you want colored (Maybe it can be done more easily, but that’s my method) by making a thin 4 node line:



Copy the line for multiple uses. Move the line to the place you want to cut open as shown in the image below.


Select the thin line and the part you want to cut, if you have them both selected go to: Path -> Difference (Ctrl + -) and then you should have a thin cut in the line you wanted to cut. (Make sure the thin line is on a layer that is above the layer you want the cut in.)


As you can see, there is a nice thin cut that you can barely or can’t see in X-Moto or when zoomed out. Make sure that the cut is well made by checking if the nodes one each side of the cut don’t hit each other.

An example:


And the result below:


Please note that these images, because they have a huge amount of nodes, are really large, you can somewhat make the amount of kb's less by "Smoothening" (Ctrl+L) the image. But it's still quite large, I believe the maximum amount of kb's a level can have to upload at the X-Moto site is 600 kb, atleast around that amount.

Good luck