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For drill and practice. “Good ” he said now. “Pass the word on to the sergeants and corporals. In battle we'll often be maneuvering by squads so they're the ones who will have to be able to put the men through the proper paces. ” “I'll see to it ” Caudell said again. “I'm sure you will. Carry on First Sergeant. ” Lewis limped away a determined man who'd settled one piece of business but had many more to see to. Nate Caudell lacked the captain's abrupt decisiveness. He stood scratching his chin for several seconds wondering whether he should head straight back to his cabin and tell whichever of his messmates happened to be there what the captain had said. At last he decided not to. He'd see them all together at supper and tell them then. Tomorrow morning would be time for Corporals Lewis--who was no relation to the captain--and Massey. Having made up his mind thus he ran into Otis Massey not five minutes later. “Makes sense to me First Sergeant ” Massey said when Caudell was through.
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