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Here is a short tutorial of how to make transparent water in a level.. The pictures might help if you get stuck with the text :)

1) Create a Layer above the main layer (in the example I named it "Water").

2) Create a Layer below the main layer (in the example I named it "Water - Background").

3) Set your Main Layer as the Main Layer.

4) Draw a block around the place where you want to have some water..It doesn't have to fit perfectly.

5) Clone the "Dirt"-block and move it to the layer above the main one. Make sure that your water-block is on the main layer.

Picture 1: Transparentwater1.jpg

1) Select the water-block, then the dirt-block. Choose "Difference" from the "Path"-Menu.

2) If everything worked properly, you should notice: If you move the waterblock, it will be shaped like the "hole" where the water is supposed to be later on.

3) Lower the water-block to the layer below the main layer, and set it's texture to "Water", for example. After it, clone the water-block and move the clone to the layer above the main one. Set it's texture to "blue_shadow".

4) Decrease the opacity of the "blue_shadow"-block and choose for the edge texture "bluen".

Picture 2: Transparentwater2.jpg

If everything worked properly, you should now have transparent blue water :P Thanks for reading!


Ok ive add mine tutorial for getting water transparent. I will teach u for makeing transparent texture. It can be uses with other textures.

1. Make 2 layers. One above,.next below. 2. duplicate your gameplay block and move it above later and hide that layer. 3. draw water block and move it to below layer. 4. Select water block and gameplay block together , now select path from menu and click difference. 5.unhide above layer and move gameplay block to your main layer. water block and click on texture change menu. Click on block colour and you will see the transparency option move it to value u want and click ok. 7.move water block to layer above the main one. 8.enjoy!