Translate X-Moto and X-Moto Website into your language

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Who can do this

Translate X-Moto game or X-Moto website is very easy. This is not technical at all. Anybody who speaks english and an other language can do this.

How does it work ?

X-Moto and X-Moto website are written fully in english. However, the GNU tools gives a mechanism to translate any sentences into an other one. To do that, you have to write a file giving all the conversions (to answer to the question "How to you say ... into your language ?"). This file is called a po file. Then, there is a fr.po for the french translation, a es.po, a ru.po, ... one for each language. A .po file is a simple text file.

Where to get the .po file

How to create the .mo file

How to update a .po file