Shortcuts for most used actions in the editor

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You can define shortcuts for the xmoto extension actions. In Linux or Mac OS X just create a file ~/.inkscape/keys/default.xml containing the following

<?xml version="1.0"?> <keys name="My awesome keys"> <bind key="t" action="org.ekips.filter.changeblocktexture" /> <bind key="b" action="org.ekips.filter.changeblocktype" /> <bind key="e" action="org.ekips.filter.addedge" /> <bind key="s" action="org.ekips.filter.addsprite" /> <bind key="z" action="org.ekips.filter.addzone" /> <bind key="x" action="org.ekips.filter.launchlvl" /> </keys>

If you are in Windows then figure out the file name yourself. restart Inkscape, click on a block and press "t". This will bring the texture change dialog, "b" for block properties, etc. Press "x" to launch your level in xmoto(Don't forget to save it first, just in case...)