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(The .xml)
(The .xml)
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===The .xml===
===The .xml===
<keys name="My awesome keys">
<bind key="t" action="org.ekips.filter.changeblocktexture"/>
<bind key="b" action="org.ekips.filter.changeblocktype"/>
<bind key="e" action="org.ekips.filter.addedge"/>
<bind key="s" action="org.ekips.filter.addsprite"/>
<bind key="z" action="org.ekips.filter.addzone"/>
<bind key="x" action="org.ekips.filter.launchlvl"/>
===How it works===
===How it works===

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You can define shortcuts for the xmoto extension actions. Just save the file below to:

  • ~/.inkscape/keys/default.xml if you are on Linux or Mac OS X, or
  • C:\Documents and Settings\user name\Application Data\Inkscape\Keys\Default.xml if windows is you operating system.

The .xml


How it works

When inkscape has been restarted and the hotkeys loaded, try to click on a block and press "t". This will bring the texture change dialog. The hotkey list looks like this:

  • T for Texture
  • B for change Block type
  • E for add Egde
  • S for add Sprite
  • Z for convert into Zone
  • X launches the level in xmoto