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  1. if you play alone or all players are dead except yourself, you cannot get points
  2. the bank has 10.000 points. This is the maximum number of points you can get.
  3. you start with 0 points
  4. when you die, you give your points to the bank back
  5. when a level starts, each player give 10% of his points to the pot (or 1 point if you have between 1 and 9 points). The bank does the same. It means that for each round, approximatively 1.000 points can be won (but 10% of yours are included into them).
  6. when you take a strawberry, you take a number of points (the pot / the number of the strawberries at the start of the level +1)
  7. when you finish the level, you get the remaining points of the pot
  8. when you do a somersault, you get 1 point
  9. when nobody wins, the pot is distributed back to the players and the bank depending on their contribution


  • Player A and B join the game.
  • Level 1 starts, the level has 9 strawberries
  • The pot is 1000 (10% of the bank points. Players have no points)
  • Player A takes a strawberry. He receives 100 points (1000 / (9+1))
  • Players dies. The 900 points remaining go back to the bank (the bank contributed at 100%).
  • Level 2 starts, the level has no strawberry
  • The pot is 1000 (990 from the bank, 10 from player A)
  • Players dies. 990 points go back to the bank. 10 points go back to player A.

Modify the rules

Rules are technically defined in a lua file here :