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Since X-Moto Version 0.4.0, you can record a video of your playing or any replay file. Note that when using this feature, gameplay will slow down to a nearly unplayable amount, so that it is always to be prefered using replay files to create videos.

How to do it

To do an instant record, you must start xmoto using the following parameters:

xmoto --videoRecording nameOfVideo --videoRecordingSizeDivision 1 --benchmark

Now you can play xmoto, while a recording is done.
You'll see that its much too slow, so better use a replay file for recording:

 xmoto -r nameOfReplay --videoRecording nameOfVideo --videoRecordingSizeDivision 1 --benchmark

After it has finished, you need to run the transcode command, to create the avi file:

 transcode -i /home/USER/.xmoto/Videos/nameOfVideo/pictures.lst -x imlist,null -y xvid,null
 -f 20 -g 800x600 --use_rgb -z -o /home/USER/.xmoto/Videos/NEWnameOfVideo.avi -H 0 -w 900

Now the video should have been created, so you can test with the video player of your choice.