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Philip's interesting lesson

author: Philip Winter
Date: February 09

This „guide“ will help you to get better, make a record and other cool stuff...

... like: „becoming a legend“
or „horribly fast“
or „things you want to know“
or „things you dont know and i tell you“ (hehe^^)
or „the history lesson“
and „some interviews“

and so on...

Lets make a prolouge: This guide is for everyone who wants to get better in xmoto... or who wants to make a record. I'll try to describe the tipps as good as possible and sorry for my bad english...
If you have questions or complaints about some of my weird tipps and techniques u can contact me at ,the network play of xmoto or in the IRC chat (if i'm there)

I hope many people will read this guide so i want to thank all my fans that they are my fans and i also want to thank everyone who helped me with my problems (or tried to^^) and tried to improve xmoto - especially the level creators who do great work.
Gaivota said: „If you want to make this thing, make it cool, professional and funny“ or something like that... i'll try to.

I decided to make this thing because i think it is better to help other people. Further i think that it would be nice if there is such a help.

Ps: Also profis can profit from this text i was working on many hours.

Dedicated to Duuferna, Destroyer, Zigi, link and Arctis

becoming a legend...

First of all i have to say that nobody can decide if you are a legend or not. Everything is a question of fame, determination, destiny, courage and some other things.
It is hard to write about „becoming a legend“ because i really dont know what i should say hehe.
You always have to belive in youself and you need a lot of time - really a lot. Only other people can say if you are a legend or not. I think i lost the real mean of the title now but this is also important.

Many of you who read this think that they cant play xmoto very good. Thats ok. Now you will think „why did he says this?“ It is explained simple: The people who think they are weak can't get better. You always have to belive in yourself. 1 of the most important rule is that you should NEVER GIVE UP! If you can't finish a level it is ok. Only you know how good you are and what you can do or not. Try the simple levels first and you will see that you get better very fast. You notice that you are able to finish levels now you couldnt finish some weeks before. Then you know that you are on the right way...

The most important thing of becoming a legend is that you have to be different from all other people. Seems weird? ... it is ... but you see (or i tell u now) that i have many fans and some of them think that i am a legend. Maybe they are right, maybe not. I dont want to be egoistic... thats why i always say that i'm not the guy anymore who makes the hardest and best looking records. It is hard to get the image of a legend. Example: K. (sorry K.) is #1 now and has some very good and creative records. (5.2.09) He had a career like a superstar but i never saw people saying that he is a legend.

The real thing about this is that you are a legend if u stopped to play xmoto... thats all (half a page for nothing - what a shame)

The career of a legend:

  • Really like xmoto and try to finish easy levels.
  • Training
  • Try to finish medium and hard levels.
  • Training
  • More Training
  • Make records
  • If people say „WOW“ to your records you are almost done.
  • Stop to play xmoto.
  • Enjoy beeing a Legend...

I think this is enough information for the beginning. Make a break and drink some water or milk (optional). In the next 3 sections you will learn some nice tipps and practical things.

things you want to know...

When i began to write this document i wanted to get some nice and interesting titles as you can see. I really didnt know what i should write in here and i thought alot about what other poeple would like to know. So i asked some people what they want to know about xmoto and there were some nice questions...

Anonym: „Why does profis always die in my levels?“ --- Profis are no gods. They are human like you and the also have to try a level some times, also if they play that good like Krzys or Zigi.

Darknight: „How to make a good looping at level editing?“ --- First make sure that it looks similar to a circle. So it is easier to drive the whole looping with speed. The circle shoudn't be smaller than 2 bike widths.

Janii: „How to keep balance?“ --- Thats a thing of training. Always try to have the head and one wheel at the same high (or head a bit higher). First you should try to stand on one wheel with this trick. (it helps if you brake while doing this) Then you could try to give gas a bit. You will see that it is harder to hold balance because the wheel you are standing on is moving. Press left and right moderately and carefully to hold the balance. You can also regulate this with giving gas. (but i would only recommend this to experienced players) I hope you can take my bad english...

Scor: „How to drive up mountains?“ --- Always try to have as much contact with the ground as possible. Only look at your front and back wheel. The head is unimportant at this moment. If you see that the front wheel goes up very fast and you will die soon you just have to turn right. Good players can profit from this feature too but it is hard. If the wheel goes up you have to jump a bit. If you turn right at the right time then (and give gas) you can move on very fast. You know that you turned at the right time when your front wheel goes down slowly then.

crazymotorc: „How to pass a climbing section at a Heaven level?“ --- You have to care about your speed and the time when you turn. Most times you have to drive in with normal – slow speed and turn very fast at the first wall. The rest is very similar to the first turn. Always try another speed and another time you turn. So you can do this climbing paths very simple.

Scor: „How long do i have to play this game to finish hard levels?“ --- It depends on what you mean with „hard“ levels. It also depends on how fast you get better. But i'd say that you need 5 weeks if you play 1-2 hours per day.

Unnheulu: „How to wheely uphill when there is a low ceiling?“ --- Try to look at your front wheel. If it is too high you know that your head is too low. It is also bad if it is almost at the bottom. So try to hold your head in the middle even if it is hard. There is no trick you could use at this problem... just training.

The chosen one: „How u and other advanced players can wheelee so balanced?“ --- Training!!! That's all. Look at Janii's question if you want to get more information.

KONA: „When should i start gettin wr's of my own?“ --- When you think that you are ready. I can't tell you when you are ready. Everybody has to decide on his/her own if he/she is ready to make a record. Assurance ... that's the word i was searching for.

Scor: „What should i do when i don't know where to go next in a level?“ --- Press the „tab“ button to have a look on the level. So you can plan where to go next. Otherwise look at the record.

things you don't know and i tell you...

In this section i'll tell you many nice, useful tipps and other cool stuff. The title of this section seems weird but i didn't want to use „profi tipps“ because that seems boring. I hope i can give you some useful tipps. They might seem so crazy but the really help you. I'll also try to show you how good some of them can help you. Some of these things are my personal secret tipps i wouldn't tell any person, exccept really good friends. They are also my secret of success – so this section might be very important for you...

Rule 1)
Never think about how you want to make a trick or how to play a level. Sure u have to know how to do the tricks but you shouldn't concentrate on doing it. You maybe won't belive me but it really helps. (also at making a record) I'd say that it makes you 20% better than you are at the moment. Thats a lot. So just try it and you will see...

Rule 2)
Imagine how the bike and the driver will move. Your brain always guesses what will happen in 0.1 sec. This means that it guesses the future. I'm sure you want to know why i tell you that: Because it is interesting hehe. Imagine how the bike will move and what you do after. This means that you always have to think 0.5 – 1 sec into the future and not to think about what you do at the moment. Seems hard? It is. But with this technique you can get 30 - 40% better than you are now. This rule is similar to the first one but both of them help you in another way.

Rule 3)
Look at the record to estimate how hard the level is. You can also look how the ghost made a trick. This helps you a lot while plaing the level. You can learn a lot by watching other people playing and solving problems. This makes you 15-20% better.

the history lesson...

I dont want to make this section that long because i made the interviews and the end before i wrote this text hehe. I just wanted that other people know what was going on at xmoto the last 5 years from my perspective...

When i begun to play there were „only“ 231 levels. Nowadays some ppl have 231 records. What a weird thing... Whatever. First of all i have to tell you the big legends at xmoto. They were masters when i had problems to finish the basic levels.

  • jj (has great skill)
  • kg (very fast)
  • exodus (beat those hardest levels at first)
  • Tarkan BJK (just crazy)
  • Duuferna (oldschool)
  • Destroyer (horribly fast and good)
  • EITROX (solid record beater)
  • Bat the baseball (fast and clever)
  • Adrien(very fast and concentrated)

I hope i didn't forget one :P These players were and are my idols. I always looked up to them. I'm so sorry that most of them dont have records any more...

Whatever. Xmoto grew every day and the community got bigger very fast. Particularly the last 2 years. The following list will show you the people who were #1

  • Duuferna (136 Wrs)
  • Destroyer (227 Wrs)
  • philip (311 Wrs)
  • Zigainer (around 345 Wrs)
  • Krzys (around 320 Wrs)

Xmoto got many updates since it has been released years ago. The coolest updates since its release:

  • Get levels from internet
  • Record uploading and looking at ghosts
  • Multiplayer for 4 people
  • Network play
  • Chipmunk

I think xmoto will have a nice future. Let's see what happens... Ps: All the people who work on xmoto like nicolas, tod, gaivota etc. do great work every day (just wanted to say)

some interviews...

I thought it would be nice to know what some of the world best players think and what is going on in their brains. They have some nice Tipps for you... I copied their answers 1:1 so I'm not responsible for the following grammar mistakes hehe

  • What is you secret of success?
    • Hiddo -“No idea, I'm mostly just talented in video games :)“
    • KONA - „It is much easyer when there are two player playing the same account but I'm gonna say that i had bene very critical to the WR's and just had faith that it its possible to beat it. „
    • philip - „Assurance and 3 years of training. Man i can tell u that wasnt easy^^“
    • ade626 - “well i usually try to adapt to the level. i keep trying and never give up“
    • Zigainer - „self-assurance, trust in yourself, you can do whatever you want, just believe it.“
    • Duuferna - „i guess i was good because i trained so hard“
    • linkdu44 - "I played a lot, thats all :)"
  • Which tipps you have for people who want to get better?
    • Hiddo - „Practice hard levels, practice in general, in balancing parts, minimize the amount of turning (left and right arrow) you use, mostly stay balanced using throttle since it's more stable.“
    • KONA - „Play different levels. The time isnt the major thin at first. The most important thing is to beat meny levels.„
    • philip - „Read this document lol. I think thats enough information for you^^“
    • ade626 -“i think that people should keep trying and trying“
    • Zigainer - „You won't get better if you think "I want to get better", just think "I am good", play levels you like and in which you're good, play them as long as you get near to WR or beat it. After it you'll be better in all things.“
    • Duuferna - „have to love xmoto and love playing it to get better, have to practise a lot - hunger to be better and ofcourse be patience“
    • linkdu44 - "first at all, try to finish maximum of levels, then try to have a good time in maximum of levels, then try to do exactly like the wr (tricks), then start to beat wr =p"
  • How did you get so *!#&$ good?
    • Hiddo - „I'm not *!#&$ good, you are, anyway, I think it's mostly because I only like and play hard levels.“
    • KONA - „I used almost all the time i was on computer to x-moto.
    • philip - „Many things are responsible for that: The long time i was playing (i stopped to count the years^^) or other people. Also my fans etc.“
    • ade626 - “I get good because i like to play“
    • Zigainer - „Just played many times, for many hours, always looked for new tricks, tried to improve bad made tricks or levels and beat WR..“
    • Duuferna - „like i said i played so many hours a day :DD and i didnt quit trying if there was hard record to brake“
    • linkdu44 - "I just played a lot. Also when i did my first wr, my motivation was bigger. I really enjoy to make wr, whatever the time i spend, that why i spend a lot of time and why i get so *!#&$ good(everyone can, and im ( *!#&$ good)/38 than philip =p)"
  • Who has the chance to be a legend?
    • Hiddo - „Well you already are so... I don't know who else, Kryzs is fast but not that strong... Don't really know Zigi though his records are good, but he's probably a legend already... Benzi Heler maybe? You guys always say I have the chance but w/e :p“
    • KONA - „everyone ^^“
    • philip - „Everybody who is crazy enough“
    • ade626 - “Everyone has a chance of being a legend“
    • Zigainer - „Everyone“
    • Duuferna - „oh i have to check the ranking list :DDDD - but first i say you - and i think u are kind of legend ? :D - toughest records - old school too :D“ philip - „i meant generally :D“ Duuferna - „destroyer and adrien i guess - but i think destroyer is a legend - that no crash, noob guy“
    • linkdu44 - "Everyone. It dont need to have a crazy numbe of wr, just crazy wr."
  • Do you think philip is crazy?
    • Hiddo - „Yes, you are :D“
    • KONA - „Oh...Philip is sooooo crazy xD u should't take him seriously ;)“
    • philip - „If im not why i made this question then? What a great LOL“
    • ade626 - “if u mean crazy as in good then yes i do“
    • Zigainer - „Don't know if he's crazy, just know that he sucks :P“
    • Duuferna - „:DDD - i think everybody is a little crazy when they play xmoto :D“
    • linkdu44 - "Dude, i dont know a craziest man!"

Sorry that i couldn't get more answers from people like Krzys or Destroyer. I sent like 12 messages to the „elite of xmoto“. I was very proud to make an interview with Duuferna – one of the biggest legends of xmoto. My heart was going like 100 times per minute...

Done... huh... That was a lot of work. (especially the interviews took a lot of time) I hope you enjoyed this text. I tried to explain as good as possible for my english knowledge hehe. I had a lot of fun at making this guide so i hope you also had fun by reading it. I wanted to write a bigger end-paragraph but i don't know what i should write now^^ I think you can take the end as it is :D

Thanks that you read these 6 pages so intensely.

Have a nice day...