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Block properties

<block id="Block1">
	<physics grip="1.0"/>
	<position x="-0.333333" y="-5.666667" dynamic="true"/>
	<usetexture id="default"/>
	<vertex x="-7.666667" y="0.666667"/>
	<vertex x="7.333333" y="2.666667"/>
	<vertex x="0.333333" y="-3.333333"/>
all the properties are not mandatory. The default value will be given in this case.
  • id : identifiant of the block ; allow to change the block via a script
  • position : initial position of the block
  • dynamic : allow this block to move via a script if set to true
  • grip : gripness of the block ; allow to simulate ice [require xmoto >= 0.2.1]
  • usetexture : texture applied on the block