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Welcome to the X-Moto manual. Here you can read about how to use X-Motos options and features.

Gameplay and Game Objective

If you come to play X-Moto the first time, you will probably think:
Whoa what a difficult game! Impossible to control and anyway! All the Motocross games I know feel much better than this!

Well, Welcome to X-Moto, which is not a race game, but a challenging and time stealing platform game to test your skills!

When you try for the first time, the bike will feel like a wild horse, nearly impossible to control. But in this presumed weakness lies the real strength of X-Moto. Because you have to deal with a physics engine, you first need to learn how to control your bike.


Single key strokes for forward and backward rotations are a lot better than correcting all the time. So calm down and get smooth!
Once you have mastered to get a level to the end, don't think you have to beat these incredible fast and surely-cheating World Records!
Try to master some of the levels, and with time you get very familiar with the control system of X-Moto. Maybe now you'll realize, that these ghost drivers didn't cheat...

Fun with your friends

As X-Moto supports a well coded, server based highscore system, you can match with your friends, and fight for the best times on the levels you want.
For doing this, you'll need to open a so called room on the websites "Private rooms" tab. You will find an explanation there of how to deal with the account settings, and once it's done, you get your private competition among your friendship! It is based on the principle, that once somebody makes a new highscore on a certain level, he can upload it to the server, and every participating room mate gets it downloaded on his computer, to see this highscore as a ghost on this level, that he must beat now in return. Believe me, it's motivating, because every mistake costs time! And you can do better!

Keyboard Functions

F1 - Display ingame help.

F2 - Switches the camera to the ghost, so you can follow him to see how the parcour can be mastered.

F3 - Add/Remove current level to favourites.

F4 - Toggle Ghost Trail Tracking (xmoto >= 0.5.2).

F5 - If you are at the level reset the level (xmoto <= 0.5.0) and if you are at main menu reload the database.

F7 - Show/Hide frames-per-second counter.

F8 - Activate/ Deactivate Internet connection.

F9 - Switch to Ugly mode. Saves lots of CPU time and shows some secret ways.

F10 - Toggle gfx modes for getting more or less detailed view (xmoto >= 0.5.2).

F11 - Toggle Theme Mode and Line Mode. Draws lines around blocks for better orientation.

F12 - Take a Screenshot. The file is saved into the xmoto directory.

Ctrl-c - Open chat message window in Network game.

Ctrl-i - Toggle replay interpolation. Makes replays look smoother.

Ctrl-o - Display the option screen

Ctrl-m - Toggle mirror mode. Wanna have twice as much tracks?

Ctrl-n - Toggle to slave mode.

Ctrl-s - Toggle audio.

Ctrl-t - Toggle trail cam (gives better overview for the track).

Pg-Up - Jump to previous level (xmoto 0.3.3).

Pg-Down - Jump to next level (xmoto 0.3.3).

Alt+Enter - Toggle fullscreen.

Tab - Pause to watch the level.