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[[Image : Chrysanthemum.jpg]]
== Information ==
* [http://xmoto.tuxfamily.org/ Return to Home Page]
* [[manual|X-Moto Manual]]
* [[Server command line|X-Moto server command line]]
* [[Screenshots]]
* [[Faq|FAQ]]
* [[Philip's_xmoto_guide|Philips X-Moto Guide]]
* [[X-Moto on PSP]]
* [[IRC tutorial]]
* [[Public X-Moto servers]]
* [[Wiki Contributors]]
* [[Server rules (slave mode)]]
* [[Network Rules]]
* [[Use X-Moto on a USB-Key]]
* [[Use private rooms in game (instead of World Highscores)]]
* [[Joystick|Using a joystick to control the game]]
* [[Wiimote|Using a wiimote to control the game]]
* [[record_video|Recording Ingame Videos]]
* [[Convert a replay to a video]]
* [[Recording videos with an external program]]
* [[how to capture, edit and create a movie]]
== Level Creation ==
*[[About good level design]]
*[[Level Checklist (for Creators and Testers)]]
*[[Level FAQ]]
*[[Notes on Checkpoints]]
* [[How to create smooth levels using Inkscape|How to create a smooth level with Inksmoto Level Editor]]
* [[xmoto-edit|How to create a level with xmoto-edit (DEPRECATED)]]
* [[Scripted levels|How to create a scripted level (please look scripting section below)]]
* [[Others tips to make levels]]
* [[Shortcuts for most used actions in the editor]]
* [[Video tutorials]]
'''Themes and Graphics'''
* [[Make a theme|Make a theme/add a new sprite or texture]]
* [[textures_creation|How to handle your own textures for level creation]]
* [[How to create, test and upload an animated sprite]]
* [[Background graphics pool|Background Graphics Pool]]
* [[sprites_pool|Sprites Pool 4 Gimp]]
* [[Svg Block Pool]]
* [[Transparent Water|How to make transparent water]]
* [[Basics of Scripting]]
* [[How to include Scripts into a Level]]
* [[LTS - Learn To Script Series]]
* [[Funtions for Game Events| Funtions for Game Events (Zones, OnSomersaults, etc.)]]
* [[Scripted levels| List of Scripting Functions]]
* [[Level alteration Functions| Level alteration Functions (Blocks, Physics, etc.)]]
* [[Player Functions| Player Functions (Win, Kill,Positioning, etc.) )]]
* [[Camera Functions| Camera Functions (Zooming, Rotation, etc.)]]
* [[Sound Functions]]
'''Mods, Scripts and Helpers'''
* [[Skate Park Mod]]
* [[Camera Scripts]]
* [[Helpers]]
* [[Getting svn of inksmoto (svg2lvl) for windows using Tortoise SVN]]
== Building XMoto ==
* [[Build for Unix (like GNU/Linux)]]
* [[Build for MacOSX]]
* [[Build for Windows]]
* [[Build from SVN]]
* [[Build with CMake (experimental)]]
== Administration ==
* [[How to validate a highscore]]
* [[How to validate a level]]
* [[How to validate a sprite]]
* [[Forum's administration changes]]
* [[How to unvalidate a highscore]]
* [[How to update po pictures]]
* [[How to remove a validated level]]
== Development ==
* [[Code documentation]]
* [[Contributions|How to contribute to X-Moto]]
* [[Translate X-Moto and X-Moto Website into your language]]
* [[File formats]]
* [http://www.pacquiaomosleyfight.com Pacquiao vs Mosley]
* [[Net protocol]]
* [[Access to the website sources]]
* [http://pacquiao-vs-mosley-fights.blogspot.com Pacquiao vs Mosley]
* [[SDL_gfx|SDL_gfx porting effort]]
* [[Chipmunk integration]]
* [[Level collection list]]
* [[Multiplayer design]]
* [[Deliver a X-Moto version MEMO]]
* [[Rooms competition idea]]

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