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Frequently asked Questions

1. How can I create my own Level?

Its simple: First, download the newest release of the Inksmoto level editor on the main page.
Second, read the wiki tutorials to install it and learn how to use it.
Third, read the guide about good level design, to learn about our quality standards, and why not every first try level gets available for download.

2. It doesnt work, can you help me?

Generally you should make sure that the problem isn't caused by anything which is widely described in the wiki or already discussed in the forum!
If you still have no idea whats the cause, come to our IRC channel to ask for help. Usually you can meet some insiders there that are willing to help.
Provide all necessary information such as software versions, logfiles and error messages!

3. Your level standards suck! For Elma there are 3,5 Million Levels available and not just 2000!

Regardless of quantitive considerations, we decided to have some quality standards, which make it possible to enjoy the game for all kinds of players: Beginners, Average and Casual Players, as well as XMoto Professionals. Its not enough doing a level just for some pro players, who dont like Graphics or to upload levels just to have an own level in the game.
There are graphically poor levels in the game, which is mostly caused by the fact, that XMoto exists for many years now, and the graphical engine wasn't as far developed in the old days as it is today. So there's no need to emphasize the fact that there are poor levels, because we know! And we don't care about Elma!

4. But its so hard to make XMoto levels, that meet your requirements!

Well, no one said it would be easy! Some gameplay experience, artistic and design skills are required to be able to make a good level.

5. Can Elma levels be used in XMoto?

Since XMoto and Elma use different physics engines, and another level format as well, it is not possible to use Elma levels in XMoto. Anyway if you feel that an Elma level should be available for XMoto, you could do a GPL remake, which applies to the different physics and needs, but interprets the gameplay of the original level.

6. But Elma is so much better than XMoto!

Then stop whining and play Elma instead.

7. Why is my first cave level rejected? It meets all requirements!!!!

There are already loads of cave levels in the level pool, where the only challenge is to squeeze through low ceiling passages. For most players (or all beyond Pro expertise) this is NOT FUN! XMoto Physics are not designed to do that trick and being able to enjoy the nice gameplay at the same time. Instead, its rather frustrating and shows lack of creativity in level design. So no validation for levels who basically consist of that evil thing!

8. But all my friends like it!!! You must validate it!!

Well, no. The level validation team is NOT a democratic institution! Not the majority decides but people who have long time experience playing xmoto and also have some artistic and design skills. Sorry, but its up to us, if we find a level good enough or not.