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Xmoto supplies some very experimental joystick support. You'll need to do some tweaking in order to get it working right, which all is done by editing the config.dat file.

  • Change the ControllerMode1 variable to Joystick1.
  • If you got more than one joystick connected, set JoyIdx1 to it's number, 0 being the first. If you have no clue about this, you'll probably need some trial and error.
  • Try starting the game. One of your joystick button should change the direction of the bike, and you can accelerate by pushing the joystick up, and brake by pushing it down. Rotation is left and right.

If control feels very jumpy or inresponsive, you'll need to do some more tweaking. Set JoyPrimAxisMax1 to a lower value to increase responsiveness with the acceleration, or JoyPrimAxisMin1 to a higher value to increase it with the braking. If it feels like the bike is braking a bit all the time, even when you're doing nothing, set JoyPrimAxisLL1 to a lower value. JoyPrimAxisUL1 does the same for the acceleration, but set a higher value instead to achieve the same effect.

The same can be done with the left/right rotation, but here the variables are called JoySecAxis*1 instead.