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The Inksmoto level editor is implemented as an extension to Inkscape, an Open Source vector graphics editor.


Tutorial: First steps

This part of the tutorial learns the basics to be able to create a level.

Quick look at inkscape

Inksmoto 050 01.png

Here is the list of useful tools from Inkscape to create Xmoto levels:

  1. The selection tool
  2. The path editing tool
  3. The zoom in/out tool
  4. The rectangle tool
  5. The circle tool
  6. The star tool
  7. The hand draw tool
  8. The bezier curves draw tool
  9. The Xmoto properties menu

To learn how to use Inkscape you can use the official Inkscape tutorials: Inkscape2.png

You can also get tutorials on YouTube.

The Xmoto extensions

The Xmoto extensions from the Effects menu allows you to set Xmoto properties to Inkscape objects in the drawing.

Here is a description of the different entries of the Xmoto menu:

  • Blocks
    • Change Block Properties: Change the properties of the selected blocks.
    • Change Block Texture: Change the texture and edge effects of the selected blocks.
  • Entities
    • Strawberry: Convert the selected shapes into a strawberry.
    • End of level: Convert the selected shapes into a end of the level.
    • Particle Source: Convert the selected shapes into a particle source (fire or smoke).
    • Player Start: Convert the selected shapes into the start position of the player.
    • Sprite: Convert the selected shapes into a sprite (with many parameters for the sprite).
    • Wrecker: Convert the selected shapes into a wrecker.
  • Joint
    • Add Pin Joint: add a pin joint between two physical blocks.
    • Add Pivot Joint: add a pivot joint between to physical blocks.
  • Level
    • Set layers properties: Set which layers are for background and what are their scrolling parameters.
    • Set sky properties: Change the sky of the level.
    • Set level properties: Mandatory options for the level, like its name and id.
    • Set other level properties: Allow sprite replacement of the /strawberry/wrecker/end of level/. Add a music to the level.
  • Other
    • Install keyboard shortcuts: Install the Inksmoto specific shortcuts.
    • Inksmoto tutorial: Display the link of this tutorial on the wiki.
    • Launch level in X-Moto: Launch the level in Xmoto.
    • Show the object informations: Show the Xmoto properties of the selected shapes.
    • Get new textures and sprites: Download new textures and sprites from the Internet.
    • Recreate last.lvl: Recreate the last.lvl level to reload it into Xmoto.
  • Zones
    • Convert into Zone: Convert the selected shapes into zones (currently, only rectangular zones are used).

Drawing a simple level

Let's draw a simple level using only the Rectangle, Circle and Star tools.

First, put the zoom of Inkscape to 100% (defaulted to 35% when you create a new svg), then draw your level.

Tutorial: More advanced topics