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Documentation for the developpement version of Inksmoto Level Editor


This version of Inksmoto Level Editor is not stable and not fully tested, but you can test it anyway.

Svg made with the 0.2.0 version of Inksmoto Level Editor are not compatible with this developement version of Inksmoto Level Editor.

Required softwares

The next version of Inksmoto will require Inkscape 0.46. This version of Inkscape no longer uses python-xml, but lxml instead. Tk is still needed. And python too (don't know the minimum required version required, but Inkscape 0.46 is packaged with python 2.5).

Fast installation on Linux/Mac/Unices

just run

mkdir -p ~/.inkscape && cd ~/.inkscape &&
svn export svn:// extensions


You can see the progress of the developpement in the bug tracker: