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Documentation for the developpement version of svg2lvl


This version of svg2lvl is not stable and not fully tested, but you can test it anyway. It requires Inkscape functionnalities that will be available in the next version of Inkscape, so to test this svg2lvl version, you have to compile Inkscape from source.

See Inkscape svn to get Inkscape source code and Inkscape developper documentation to compile it.

Svg made with the 0.2.0 version of svg2lvl are not compatible with this developement version of svg2lvl.

Required softwares

  • Inkscape (0.45 or later or svn version)
  • Python (>= 2.3)
  • Tcl/Tk
  • Svg2lvl converter and inkscape extension from svn
$ svn checkout svn:// svg2lvl/trunk


They are the same that for the 0.3.0 version of svg2lvl :


  • use Tkinter to have extension windows populated with values from the svg. DONE
  • support for xmoto 0.2.5 new functionnalities (rotated sprite, sky properties, level border, reversed sprites, ...) DONE
  • add check boxes to extension windows, parameters are changed only if checkbox is set (example: when you convert blocks to background blocks, you can choose if you want to update the blocks texture). DONE
  • a block can have two edge texture now (one on the upper side and one on the down side). DONE
  • allow xmoto to update texture and sprite informations from the xmoto website. IN PROGRESS
  • allow inkscape to open .lvl files. IN PROGRESS (postpone to next version)
  • show xmoto textures in Inkscape. DONE (postpone to next version)
  • show xmoto sprites in Inkscape. IN PROGRESS (postpone to next version)
  • create an automatic installation for Unix and Windows. TODO (postpone to next version)