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Svg made with the 0.2.0 version of svg2lvl are not compatible with this version of svg2lvl.

Windows installation

To install Inksmoto level editor 0.4.0 on a Windows box, just double-click on the Inkscape-0.45.1_svg2lvl-0.4.0_win32.exe installer.

Linux & Mac OS X installation

Required software

  • Inkscape (>= 0.45)
  • Python (>= 2.3)
  • python-tk
  • pyXML
  • Svg2lvl converter (0.4.0)

To install the required softwares on an Linux Ubuntu box (Festy Fawn):

$ sudo apt-get install inkscape python python-tk python-xml

To install the required softwares on a MacOS X box, use Fink and/or get the .dmg on the Internet. (TODO: get the exact procedure)


$ wget
$ tar zxvf svg2lvl-0.4.0.tar.gz
$ cd ~/svg2lvl-0.4.0/
$ mkdir -p ~/.inkscape/extensions/
$ cp -f * ~/.inkscape/extensions/


First steps

This part of the tutorial learns the basics to be able to create a level.

Quick look at inkscape


Here is the list of useful tools from Inkscape to create Xmoto levels:

  1. The selection tool
  2. The path editing tool
  3. The zoom in/out tool
  4. The rectangle tool
  5. The circle tool
  6. The star tool
  7. The hand draw tool
  8. The bezier curves draw tool
  9. The Xmoto properties menu

To learn how to use Inkscape you can use the official Inkscape tutorials: Inkscape2.png

The Xmoto extensions

The Xmoto extensions from the Effects menu allows you to set Xmoto properties to Inkscape objects in the drawing.

Here is an description of the different entries of the Xmoto menu:

  • Blocks
    • Remove the edge around the block: Remove the upper and/or the down edge of the selected blocks.
    • Add an edge around the block
    • Change Block Texture
    • Change Block Type
    • Change block physic params
  • Entities
    • Convert into Strawberry
    • Convert into End of level
    • Convert into Particle Source
    • Convert into Player Start
    • Convert into Sprite
    • Convert into Wrecker
  • Level
    • Set layers properties
    • Set sky properties
    • Set level properties
    • Set other level properties
  • Show the object informations:
  • Update X-Moto menus:
  • Zones
    • Convert into Zone

Drawing a simple level

Set level properties

Save the level

Test it in Xmoto

More advanced topics