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Make a tutorial which shows 0.4.0 new stuffs
==First steps==
===Quick look at inkscape===
===The Xmoto extensions===
===Drawing a simple level===
===Set level properties===
===Save the level===
===Test it in Xmoto===
==More advanced topics==

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Svg made with the 0.2.0 version of svg2lvl are not compatible with this version of svg2lvl.

Windows installation

To install Inksmoto level editor 0.4.0 on a Windows box, just double-click on the Inkscape-0.45.1_svg2lvl-0.4.0_win32.exe installer.

Linux & Mac OS X installation

Required software

  • Inkscape (>= 0.45)
  • Python (>= 2.3)
  • python-tk
  • pyXML
  • Svg2lvl converter (0.4.0)

To install the required softwares on an Linux Ubuntu box (Festy Fawn):

$ sudo apt-get install inkscape python python-tk python-xml

To install the required softwares on a MacOS X box, use Fink and/or get the .dmg on the Internet. (TODO: get the exact procedure)


$ wget http://download.tuxfamily.org/xmoto/svg2lvl/0.4.0/svg2lvl-0.4.0.tar.gz
$ tar zxvf svg2lvl-0.4.0.tar.gz
$ cd ~/svg2lvl-0.4.0/
$ mkdir -p ~/.inkscape/extensions/
$ cp -f * ~/.inkscape/extensions/


First steps

Quick look at inkscape

The Xmoto extensions

Drawing a simple level

Set level properties

Save the level

Test it in Xmoto

More advanced topics