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X-Moto has an IRC chat. Feel free to join our #xmoto channel on the server. This is the place where X-moto developers, map makers and players meet.

For the list of available IRC clients see here.


Online irc clients are useful if you are not on your own computer. Join here!

Things needed:

  • Chat Room: keep the preset (xmoto).
  • Nickname: you name that other people can see when chatting.
  • Realname: name that people can see from your info.

Then hit continue! Allow the java and you are in. :)

Under Pidgin

We are going to use Pidgin client for the IRC channel

If your on Windows, download Pidgin here.

For Linux, you can get Pidgin here

For Ubuntu, you can get Pidgin here, or you can use it through terminal:

sudo apt-get install pidgin

For Mac OS X, you can get Pidgin here

When you start Pidgin for the first time it should look approximately like this:

File:Pidgin screen1.png

Now we need to add an IRC account. Put "" in the "server" field and your nickname for "screen name". This will be your name on the server(you can change it later).

Pidgin screen2.png

Save these settings and press "connect". You will see something like this:

Pidgin screen4.png

Now type "/join #xmoto" in this window or press Buddies->Join a chat in the main window. That's all, you are connected.

Pidgin screen6.png

Under mIRC

mIRC is another popular IRC client. However mIRC is only for windows users, and it's not open source. But here is a short tutorial if you prefer mIRC:

  • The first step is to visit mIRC's and download the most recent mIRC client.

Windows Only: mIRC

It should look like this when you've installed mIRC, and launched it for the first time.

MIRC screen1.png

Then fill out the fields, but don't press "Connect" yet! Because we need to specify which server we are going to use.

  • Press "Servers"

Now a long list of servers will appear, but you'll be unable to find our server in the list. So we'll add it ourselves!

  • Press "Add", and type in the description and server-address:

MIRC screen3.png

  • Press "Add" again...
  • Then mark it in the list and press "Select".
  • Now when our server is specified, press "Connect".
  • And the final thing; type in the channel name and join us!

MIRC screen4.png

Under Colloguy

Colloguy is a IRC client freeware application for only Mac OS X.

To download and install Colloguy here.

To install Colloguy, extract it, and move the in your Applications folder.

Create an account

Open Colloguy, and it should look like this:


  • Go to New, and type in your nickname.
  • Go to Server Protocal, and choose IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
  • Go to Chat server, and type in

It should look like this:


Connect to the X-Moto Chatroom

Click on Join Room. Choose the connections to your account. example username).

Then type the channel name #xmoto. Click Join.


It will tell you your Nickname authorization request:


Type your password to authorize your request. If you set it correctly, you should get a window like this:


Hope this helps!!!