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X-Moto has an IRC chat. Feel free to join our #xmoto channel on the server. You can meet xmoto developers, map-makers and players there. For the list of available IRC client see [1]

For example, you can download Pidgin here. It runs in Linux, MS Windows and Mac OS X. When you start Pidgin for the first time it should look approximately like this:

File:Pidgin screen1.png

Now we need to add an IRC account. Put "" in the "server" field and your nickname for "server name". This will be your name on the server(you can change it later).

Pidgin screen2.png

Save these settings and press "connect". You will see something like this:

Pidgin screen3.png

Now type "/join #xmoto"(FIXME) or press Buddies->Join a chat in the main window. That's all, you are connected.

Pidgin screen6.png