Getting svn of inksmoto (svg2lvl) for windows using Tortoise SVN

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There is another way to get it too, this one illustartes the way to get it with Tortoise SVN so that you can easily update to the newest version.

Things needed

You need:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Tortoise SVN (or another svn program, I like tortoise best)
  • patience... (not really)
  • Latest official Inksmoto and Inkscape installed

Step 1. Get Tortoise SVN

Download the installer here: Tortoise SVN Install it.

Step 2. Checkout

Make sure that you remove the old inksmoto files from the extensions folder before proceeding. Go to your Inkscape installation directory and there to the share folder, for example:

  • "C:\Program Files\Inkscape\share\"

Then Right-Click the extensions folder to see the context menu of windows, you should see the tortoise svn and a button which says: "SVN Check out...".

Click Ok. Wait... It will download all the files needed and then you are done. Just open inkscape and voila.

Step 3. Testing

Open Inkscape and begin testing and developing. voila!