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Q: What are the system requirements?

A: Here's the recommended minimum system specifications:

CPU: ~266 MHz (run fluently on a 350MHz PII)
RAM: 128 MB (at least 40 MB of free memory prefered)
Graphics: Any 3d accelerated graphic card (works with a 3dfx voodoo banshee)
HDD: 20 MB free, but on my machine having all ~2000 levels and some replays it uses ~500 MB
Software: Microsoft Windows 2000/XP, Linux, Mac OS X, or FreeBSD, and OpenGL-capable video driver

Q: I want to be able to play X-Moto on a very slow computer! Any tips?

A: Yeah, sure. There's a couple of tricks you can do if your computer is old and slow, and you don't care about nifty graphics. Try starting the game in this way from a command prompt:

xmoto -ugly

The above will start the game in "ugly mode" enabled. Since X-Moto 0.2.1, just press F1 when the game is launch to switch to this mode. (Note that before 0.2.1, ugly mode is slow on menus, then, if you have an old X-Moto version, type xmoto -ugly -level 1 to start level 1 directly)

X-Moto is playable on my 233-MHz IBM laptop when I follow this procedure.

In newer versions the ugly mode key is set to F9.

Q: I cannot play on Linux/PPC, when i start, the biker is puzzled

A: It's an ODE bug corrected. People having this problem who tried with ODE 0.7 make xmoto work successfully.

Q: Does X-Moto really support Mac, FreeBSD, 64bits OS, etc?

A: Yes. But package for this operating systems are created by volunters.

Q: (Mac OS X) I can't find the directory where all the config files, levels and replays are placed

A: See Xmoto directory on Mac OS X.

Q: Will X-Moto support Elastomania levels?

A: No, the physics are way too different. Although it might be possible to import Elastomania levels into X-Moto, it would be impossible to create levels that would be playable in both games.

Q: (Linux) Lua and/or ODE are causing ./configure to fail, but I HAVE the right libraries installed!

A: Some people have had problems with compiling X-Moto on their Linux'es (most notably people using the Gentoo distribution), because the game fails to link correctly with the Lua and/or ODE shared libraries. If this is the case for you, i.e. the standard installation procedure fails on your machine, try downloading the special X-Moto package which includes the Lua and ODE source code: xmoto-0.1.16-with-ode-lua-src.tar.gz The package is installed as usual. Moreover, before xmoto 0.2.2, xmoto doesn't check for g++ but the check to libode requires g++ ; then, be sure g++ is installed.

Q: (Linux) Why does the game fail when I've just compiled it and type ./xmoto?

A: It can't find the data files. Either try to install it (as root with make install), or cd into bin and start the game from there with ../xmoto. The latest version has a more clear error message for this.

Q: How to connect to the IRC?

A: The #xmoto irc channel is available on irc.freenode.net/6667 You can also read this tutorial.

Q: My mouse behaves strange when using X-Moto under Linux

A: Try running "export SDL_VIDEO_X11_DGAMOUSE=0" before running X-Moto (if you use another shell instead of bash, use something like "setenv SDL_VIDEO_X11_DGAMOUSE 0").

Q: How to disable that camera zoom that appears in Xmoto 0.4.2

A: Edit your config.dat file which is in .xmoto your home directory. Change the value "CameraActiveZoom" and set it to false

Q: How to remove levels that are no longer on the website ?

A: Since Xmoto 0.4.2, launch xmoto with the --cleanNoWWWLevels option. Under Windows, you can put xmoto.exe --cleanNoWWWLevels in a xmoto.bat file in the same directory as the xmoto.exe file, then launch that xmoto.bat file by double clicking on it.

Q: Xmoto says: "database disk image is malformed"

A : dump and import your database in a new file (if you still can)

$ sqlite3 xm.db "PRAGMA integrity_check;"
*** in database main ***
Page 1603: sqlite3BtreeInitPage() returns error code 11
On tree page 1855 cell 51: Child page depth differs
rowid 48 missing from index sqlite_autoindex_replays_1
rowid 134 missing from index sqlite_autoindex_replays_1
SQL error: database disk image is malformed
$ sqlite3 xm.db ".dump" | sqlite3 xm_ok.db
$ sqlite3 xm_ok.db "PRAGMA integrity_check;"

Q: How can I change my profile name?

A: Unfortunately, this is not possible right now. One of the reasons why is to prevent cheating using profile names.